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The “Vini Fieramosca” was born in 1950 thanks to a group of wine growers from the countryside near Barletta with its vineyards resting astride of the Ofanto valley…
Selezione Bollicine della nostra Cantina

Alcohol content 6,50% vol

Grape variety: pure Moscato
Soil: calcareous / clayey
Mediterranean climate
Puglia region
Type: Sweet sparkling wine
Acidity: 6.20%
Residual sugars: 70 gr / lt
Sparkling wine making: Charmat

DRINK: BrioWomanSpritz
3 Brio parts
2 Cocktails Parts SanPellegrino
1 part of Aperol
1 Spoon Cointreau
Ice and orange slice
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